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What is a portrait?

A portrait is a photographic representation of an individual, someone you may meet in life. It is not merely a record of someone’s features; it should say something about who they are as a person, capturing a vivid sense of a real person’s presence. The portrait should immediately identify the subject to their friends and family and be something tangible they easily recognize and relate to.

The traditions of portraiture in the West extend back to ancient Greece and Rome, where depictions of distinguished men and women appeared in sculpture and on coins.

A portrait is meant to express individual identity as Erwin Panofsky recognized, it “seeks to bring out whatever the sitter has in common with the rest of humanity” (Shearer West, Portraiture [Oxford, 2004], p. 24).

Portraits sometimes display a sense of affection, informality, or experimentation only constrained by the imagination of the photographer and the client.

We like to capture the real you as you wish others to see you and we will take the time to get it right. Feel free to contact us below for more information.

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