Test Drive: Canon EOS 1DX

Canon EOS 1dx

Canon Professional Services, via our local friendly Calumet Dealer, kindly lent us today (Thursday the 14th March 2013) one of their Canon EOS 1dx cameras, for some evaluation and assessment.

Well, what a camera! A lot of money’s worth but certainly a lot of fun. It has some great gadgets, like: a built in level, two presses of the info button and away you go. It produces its own level on the screen. Gone forever are the plastic accessories that sit on top of the hot-shoe.

We used it today with an EF 24-70 L mark ii, an 82mm lens, which is obviously bigger than the old one and all things considered a very impressive lens. We took a number of test shots under many different conditions to see how it would work in our landscape photography environment. The only real negative we could find was that at times in manual mode, it could be difficult to auto-focus accurately with strongly opposed lighting conditions, very dark and brightly lit. Quite often it really seemed to struggle, a lot of adjustment was required to keep on top of the situation but thankfully all ended well and we got some very acceptable images. In video mode the camera excelled taking, at 24fps, some very sharp film. It has an excellent array of functions to manage pretty much every situation that a dedicated videographer needs.

If you have the money this is the camera in the Canon range to have, but I will stick with a humble Canon 5D Mk ii, for the meantime anyway.

Thank you Canon and also Calumet for supplying us with this opportunity..

If you would like to view the full technical details this link will take you Canon’s Website.


Telephone numbers: 02890817194 & 07721907744

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