DSLR Video Capture

The Canon 5D Mark II’s full-frame sensor and 1080p video mode established DSLR video as a very viable option for professional filmmakers and keen amateurs alike. We use the 5D Mark II regularly for video.

We have enabled many hitherto dedicated photographers, to become both creative video and single image ambassadors.

The 5D Mark II gave us all an affordable vehicle and a means to capturing moving images with a previously unavailable, superb low-light sensitivity and a shallow depth of field that were beyond the reach of even the very best of consumer camcorders of their day.

Nikon’s cropped sensor D90 was the first DSLR to shoot video, but did not hope to compete with the Mark II’s full HD resolution or its ISO setting of 12,800.

So Nikon got there first, but the D90 was not in the same league when it came to shooting serious video, although, the D90 was cheaper.

Now, the Mark II has been asked to politely step aside by the much superior Mark III, and Canon’s video ambitions now lie further upmarket, but even now, the Mark II remains in demand thanks to its low (and falling) price and access to Canon’s substantial EF lens library.


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