Camera Modes

Auto mode

Fully automatic camera controlled image capturing is usually denoted by a green symbol on the camera or “Auto”. This controls everything from focus, ISO, exposure and lots more depending on your camera model and can be the choice of many novice photographers. We will encourage you to be more adventurous and move over to eventually use fully manual control, usually indicated by the symbol “M” on you camera.

Program mode

When you look at the top of most DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) cameras, you will see a “P” as a mode option, on the mode dial. The “P” denotes “Program” and what the camera does for you is control the two main exposure variables, aperture (How much light the camera lets in through the lens) and shutter speed, (How long, time wise the lens can pass the light through). With these two elements being controlled for you, that leaves you still with the ability to influence the outcome by choosing the point of focus, and focus function type, the picture composition  (What features in your picture and how it is framed) And finally the ISO, ( International Organization of Standardization) which used to known in film camera days as ASA, (American Standards Association). The standard ISO that most people use everyday, giving accurate colour rendition and “clean” noise-free images is 100 ISO, many cameras offer lower ISO for example 50 ISO on the Canon 5d mkii.

TV/AV modes

In TV mode, Canon’s version of “Shutter Priority” or “S” as shown on other cameras the camera adjusts the shutter speed and aperture to ensure the right amount of light reaches the sensor.

”Av” is Canon’s version of “Aperture Priority”, sometimes shown on cameras as “S”. In this mode you select the f/stop, f3.5 for example and also the ISO and the camera does the rest. This mode is used by a lot of photographers amateur and professional alike. This particular mode allows still a lot of creativity. The f3.5 I have already mentioned as an example would blur the background of an image in certain circumstances, as it creates a shallow depth of field, (Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and farthest part of the image that appear in acceptably sharp focus).

Manual mode

In this mode you are in total control, it is our mode of choice and we will encourage you to achieve mastery of this as it is the vehicle to producing a much more creative image. All the elements we have mentioned are under your direct control and you will quickly learn how altering one setting affects another and so forth.

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