Staying warm & dry

The right outdoor equipment can make a wet day an inconvenience rather than a miserable disaster. We wear lined waterproof trousers most days as a norm rather than the exception, as most of our courses are during the shorter days when it is more likely to be cold and possibly wet. Thermals are a very viable option for our early mornings and when we come back in for breakfast two minutes has them back in the drawer for tomorrow.

Layers are the key to staying warm and its easier to take off a light jumper and put it in your camera bag than carry around heavy cumbersome jumpers. We wear “Puffa” type down insulated jackets lots of the well known brand make them they are very light and can be rolled up and put in a stuff-sac when not needed but when they are, they provide an exceptional amount of heat and are waterproof too.

Wellingtons and walking boots are certainly needed and if you want to go the extra mile you may consider some micro spikes. We use Kahtoola micro spikes, but other brands are available that do exactly the same job. They are an investment, but when you add up the value of the photographic equipment you are carrying in your kit bag the forty pounds is money well spent.

Lastly do not forget your hat and gloves, most of your body heat is lost through your head we are told so a good quality waterproof hat that covers as much of you as possible is ideal. We use various hats and caps as the mood takes us and have accrued quite a collection.

With all the right gear the outdoors can be a pleasure regardless of the weather good or bad and your comfort is paramount to your enjoyment of your photography.

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