Photographic Insurance

If you are sitting cleaning your camera equipment before a course or day out and dare add it all up on a calculator you may well be shocked at the outcome. When we can spend up to two and sometimes nearly three thousand on just one camera, and then some of us need two, just in case, it is madness not to give very serious consideration to amateur insurance of some type. We are not in any way affiliated with any insurance companies and cannot suggest you look at any particular company as it would be contrary to FSA legislation.

If you check your home insurance you will find that they will very rarely properly insure the mountain of equipment we all eventually build up, old and new, so please try and obtain your own accidental loss/theft/damage insurance before the course.

Sometimes joining a society or other similar body will allow you to receive substantially reduced premiums so perhaps that may be worth considering as well, better safe than sorry.

Telephone numbers: 02890817194 & 07721907744

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